cPanel/WHM Update Stuck

There could be multiple reasons or cPanel/WHM Update stuck problem. Today we will discuss some of the general problems that user might encounter while updating cPanel. We will list some of the general problems with their solutions that people face when they try to update cPanel/WHM. Make sure that your server...Read more

How to add A entry in cpanel?

1: Go to cpanel and search for DNS Zone Editor.From there choose Arecord. 2: Enter your server’s IP address in the available text box. 3: Click Add Entry. Note: Expected propagation time is from 24-48 hrs.Read more

How to add Cname in Cpanel?

Step 1: Go to cpanel and search for DNS Zone Editor. From that , select CNAME under the Add Record drop down . Step 2: Now, enter the hostname that you want to alias from and the fully-qualified domain name you would like to alias to. Note: Expected  propagation time is up to 24...Read more

How to create addon domain in cpanel?

Step 1: Once you are logged into your cPanel account, select Addon Domain from the Domains section. Step 2: Now fill the details of the add-on domain: Step 3: Once you have finished filling in the details, select the Add Domain button.  Read more

How to Install cPanel

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve purchased a cPanel license. You may obtain a license from the cPanel Store. Next, log into your Ucartz VPS/Dedicated Server as the “root” user via SSH to its IP address . Issue the following commands to download and install cPanel: 1 2 3 4 cd...Read more