Guide for Memory Allocation for Redis in CentOS

Requirements- Redis installed on Linux Machine with Root Permissions Internet Connection There are 2 methods to allocate memory to Redis. First is temporary or can be said it works till Redis Server is running, after reboot, the memory allocations will be stashed and it will change to default values. Second...Read more

Guide to Backup and Restore Redis Database and Automate

Requirements Redis-CLI installed on Linux Machine Redis Server Running Root Access to Machine Redis Authentication Password if its set. Get it from here on your machine. Redis configuration file – /etc/redis/redis.conf Procedure Backup Locate you redis database directory using locate *rdb or start Redis-CLI redis-cli auth master_password config get dir Note...Read more

Guide for Installing Pure-FTPd and Creating Virtual Users

Requirements Linux Server with Root SSH Commands Experience Procedure Installation and configuration for FTP Server using Pure-FTPd Login to root via SSH Create user and group without any privileges and no valid shell. groupadd _pure-ftpd useradd -g _pure-ftpd -d /var/empty -s /etc _pure-ftpd Note- Don’t Use this user and group...Read more

Guide to remove SPAM tag from your sent E-Mails

Requirement Domain Registrar Credentials Mail Server Access Procedure Test your SPAM Score using any Free tool. We suggest Mail-Tester Note-Mail Tester free plan provides 3 tests for free. Test Results will show missing parameters/configurations like SPF Record, DKIM Signature, DMARC, etc. Login to Domain Registrar or where you are managing DNS...Read more

LAMP setup on Ubuntu 14.04

LAMP is an open source Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language. Because the platform has four layers, LAMP is sometimes referred to as a LAMP stack. Stacks...Read more

cPanel/WHM Update Stuck

There could be multiple reasons or cPanel/WHM Update stuck problem. Today we will discuss some of the general problems that user might encounter while updating cPanel. We will list some of the general problems with their solutions that people face when they try to update cPanel/WHM. Make sure that your server...Read more